A Wedding at the Inn

After a week of cool, damp weather, Saturday dawned, awash in sun light and comfortably warm, the best day of the week. We served our famous Cedars & Beeches breakfast on the front porch and this adventurous group tried all of our specials. Banana nut stuffed French toast and Dutch Baby pancakes were very popular. Then a whirlwind of activity as florists arrived, the baker with their confection, the band, the hair and makeup stylist and of course, to document it all, the photographer.
At 4 p.m., the music began. the bridal party jointly ascended and descended the grand staircase, arrived at the overhanging landing and all the planning, all the details, all came together in a resounding ” I do”.
The photographer was extremely busy with lots of photos so that memories of the dearest friends and family would be preserved forever.
Following a round of toasts and hors d’ouevres, dinner was served on the front porch. The evening had cooled just a bit and the weather was perfection as was the food.
With wedding cake for dessert, the formalities ended on a sweet note. Many of the guests sat on the porch until the wee hours sharing anecdotes and thoughts of the happy couple.


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